Thursday, 19 June 2014

Who Are These People And Where Do They Find The Time?

I'm new to blogging and am trying to find some other blogs to read for inspiration, writing styles and humour.

I've registered with BritMums and just waiting to be approved.  It's their conference tomorrow so I'm guessing they don't have much time on their hands at the moment.  I've also just found the Parent Bloggers Network.  Whilst having a skim through I found this :

 "I'm a part time working mum of 5. I love to make things for my home and crafting in general. My blog posts include topics such as crafts, gardening, furniture updates, cooking, living in a budget."

How does this woman find the time to work, herd up 5 children, craft, garden,cook and then write about it?  I work and have two children and can barely wave a duster in the general direction of the house on a good week!  

I get the impression a lot of bloggers are "yummy mummies". I have images of perfect children (like the one's you see on television adverts) and mummies in Cath Kidston aprons having just made an apple pie whilst cooking a six course meal for the dinner party she is hosting later that evening.

My house is a bit of a mess, the puppy chews most stuff so it's all balanced on the dining table, the sheets I washed at the weekend are bundled on a chair in the conservatory which by the way looks like a bomb has hit it with some of four year olds larger toys out there and the shoes hiding from said destructive dog.  Last night's dishes are soaking in the sink. 

Will I ever be able to compete in the blog world? 

This blog post comes courtesy of my boss taking half a day holiday.

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  1. I have only myself and I find myself time poor fairly often! Thankfully no puppy chewing things either! :D
    Your roasts always taste pretty awesome; 2.5 kids, chewing puppy, "messy" house and all...