Monday, 16 June 2014

Touring On The Segway

Three friends and I had a grown-up girls day out. We had a Friday off work and luckily with some glorious June sun we went off for a Segway ride. 
We'd booked with Bershire 4x4 Segway Tours over at Dinton Pastures for an hours session.

I'd never been before and was quite apprehensive as I've been known to fall over from just standing still.  We listened to a safety drill making sure we had no drink or drugs and signed our life away to say we were in possession of our own faculties and ready to roll.

There were seven of us in the group and we were all given cycle helmets although you are quite welcome to bring your own. We met James over in the demonstration area where we learnt how to get on without wobbling too much and trundle off a little round track at a snails pace.  There's no accelerator or brakes so although in theory your are in control as it's all done by leaning forwards and backwards it's a little harder than it looks.  After a few laps we practised going up and down a little slope then onto going up and down the slope and turning on the spot.  Now we were ready to face the public, and their children and dogs and all other wildlife.

James kindly put us into single file with the less confident right behind him.  I was second which cheered me a bit as that meant someone was a bit worse than me (my friend Michele!).  I was still nervous and wobbly but not scared enough to not want to do it.  He led us off and it was amazing!  The top speed of the Segway was around 10mph but I doubt we reached much more than 6mph.  It's surprising how quickly I gained confidence once we were off round the lake. 

I have never been to Dinton Pastures but the ride around the lake and through small woody bolt holes was beautiful.  We passed what looked like the most fantastic playground (note to self, bring kids one day). People were so kind to stop and wait for us to pass or hold onto their dogs whilst we meandered through.  We stopped about half way through our tour for James to take some pictures of us to be posted onto Facebook where we can download them for ourselves.

Before we knew it we were back at the Activity Centre where we'd started.  I had a fantastic time and would recommend it to anyone who can to have a go.

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