Wednesday, 11 June 2014

What's Your Coffee Shop Name?

I am a confirmed tea drinker, yet somewhere along the way I started enjoying coffee, particularly coffee shop coffee.  I use the term coffee quite loosely as I like it milky with only one shot, but that's beside the point.  

I can't pin-point when this addiction started. my four year old and I have a little Saturday morning routine where we go food shopping and pop upstairs to the coffee shop (sneaking in bakery or confectionery items as I can't afford coffee & cakes!) and enjoy a coffee and a babycino.  It's "our" thing.   I also found myself getting an earlier train for my morning commute so I could stop and have a coffee at the train station.  Pure bliss.

One of the large chains now ask for your name so you don't get the wrong drink.  Some people object to this, I even saw a Facebook request for everyone to use the name Bob.  Is it so hard to give your name?  Apparently so when you have a name no-one pronounces or spells correctly.  I now have a coffee shop name, it's fairly similar to my real one but only has three letters. Easy.  If you use the same shop they get to know your pseudonym.  A couple of days ago I bought some raffle tickets from the coffee shop, I had a slight panic about what name to put down so I gave my coffee shop name with my number.  Now I'm wondering; if I win and I answer my mobile and they ask for the person with my alter ego, will I remember it's me? And will I get my free coffee and soft toy?

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