Friday, 27 June 2014

What's Your Childrens Legacy?

What do your children give you?  Grey hair? Definitely!  Unconditional love (sometimes debatable with the four year old and has been told no or she wants something) laughter, tears, frustration and a huge helping of pride.  But what about other things?  

I have two unusual things and both were given to me when I was pregnant. Prior to the nine year old being with me, I suffered from a bad back.  It ached, it pained, I couldn't bend, it hurt to walk and was an excellent excuse not to do any hoovering and have a few days off work. I saw my GP, I saw an osteopath, I was given exercises and pain killers.  Strong pain killers.  

As I got bigger with my first pregnancy I waddled (apparently). I was huge, the weight was everywhere.  Seeing as the nine year old was only 4lb 2oz it was water and not the copious amounts of cake I ate. I wasn't eating for two I promise!  After his entry into the world; I slowly got back to "normal" I realised the back ache had gone. No aches, pains, twinges, I can bend and flex. Yay! I can hoover. Not so yay!  Obviously the extra weight shifted something or strengthened some muscles but the nine year old is pretty pleased with himself he cured my bad back.

Onto the four year olds gift.  I have never been able to burp. I'm told as a baby I took hours and hours of winding for a small gurgle to arrive. I have always suffered from this. My brother always thought it was funny, my hubs thought it was odd and surely it all needed to get out.  I would gurgle and could feel it in my throat and chest but it never went anywhere, until the four year old arrived.  Now I can burp with great gusto, loud and proud.  Apparently this isn't the thing to do, I should be discreet but I'm at the four year olds stage, I haven't learnt how to do that yet and I quite like I can do it.

Now how to learn how to burp on demand or belch the alphabet!

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