Monday, 23 June 2014

Babying The Dog?

We have a puppy.  Well I say puppy; he's ten months old now and the equivalent of a naughty teenager in dog years.  He was 9 weeks old when we got him and apart from him immediately coming down with kennel cough and not being able to have his vaccinations for weeks and weeks, he is one of the best things we have done for our family.

So what if I now have to buy  ALL my bags and shoes in Primark, I've got through three purses in two months and he chomped up my bank card! 

He is my baby. Seriously; I probably treat him better than my own two little devils.  He comes onto our bed in the mornings and snuggles up yawning in my face, whacking hubs with his fluff tail. He's my little shadow.

In the summer puppy is going to spend a week at my friends house with her 11 year old (big) dog.  To get them used to each other and for puppy to be in big dogs territory I drop him at my friends house in the morning. It's about half an hour drive away and when we get there puppy is super excited and drags me up to the front door only to be barked at madly.  

Last week I drop puppy off and race off to get back to the four year olds nursery to help prepare for the up coming summer fair.  I get half way back when my mobile starts to ring.  It's my friend.  Puppy has enjoyed the use of her garden and produced the largest poo a small dog can do.  So large he yelped. Unfortunately he is a fluffy thing and some ... stuck to him. He proceeded to run into the house, sit on her kitchen floor and scoot around.  He wouldn't let her near him and my friend didn't know what to do.  I turned the car around and raced back.  Puppy and friend greeted me fairly enthusiastically in the garden.  Puppy was lifted onto a rickety old garden table (not used for eating purposes!). Nail scissors were produced and I cut the stuck turd off, trimmed up his extra furry bum, wiped him with wet-wipes and released him back to the garden whilst apologising profusely to my friend for the mess and embarrassment.

When I had my babies I expected to be wiping bums but it's not quite what I expected when I bought the dog.

I still wouldn't change him for all the world although I often threaten to give the kids away!

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