Monday, 30 June 2014

Every Dog Has His Day

This weekend I had big plans for a lot of housework. I often have these kind of silly pipe dreams then something else far more interesting pops up, like taking the dog and the kids to the park. Or, like this weekend, a dog show.

I only found out about it late on Friday night having a coffee with my friend. The weather forecast wasn't great but we thought we may as well go.

Saturday morning I gave puppy a bit of a groom, he's in between puppy and adult fur and also moulting so is a bit of a scruff at the moment.  As usual for our family we were running late and only just made registration. We entered puppy in the following categories "Waggiest Tail", "Best Puppy" and "Dog The Judge Would Most Like To Take Home".   

"Waggiest Tail" was about to start so the four year old joined me in the arena. She had the most important job of holding up our number as we paraded round the ring smiling like a "round card girl" in a boxing match.  Puppy was most interested in all of the audience and decided to jump up at one of the judges.  We lined up and waited anxiously for the results.  There had been some very waggy competition so when the dog next to us was given 3rd place I lost some expectation as I'd been watching that tail.. it wagged... lots.  Second place was called from somewhere down the line, I hadn't seen their tail.  I held my breath, I waited for what seemed like an eternity.  Good job I'm not a contestant on any kind of TV show that makes you wait an excruciating amount of time to know if you've won, I'd pass out before an announcement was made.  Finally they called out number 10. It was us! We'd done it! The Puppy, four year old and I all made it to the centre of the arena to collect the prize, a 1st place rosette and a packet of doggy Dentastix.  Woohoo! 

Rolling off the high of our win we entered the "Best Puppy" category. Competition was high, next to us was the cutest shith-tzu who was very well behaved.  Puppy was good but let himself down by turning his back on his audience to sit facing me.  I think he was still showing everyone his waggy tail.  No surprise we didn't win that one.

We wondered around the tents and entered the "guess the total" for the amount of doggy biscuits in a jar.  The prize was the biscuits and a rather lovely doggy hamper.  

The heavens opened, thunder and lightening started so we decided to give the last category a miss and headed home triumphant.

That evening we had a phone call from the ladies at UK Romanian Dog Rescue who'd run the "guess the biscuit" competition.  We'd only gone and won that too!  We were one biscuit out.  Puppy was on a roll. 

Now to get him choosing our lottery numbers.

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