Friday, 6 June 2014

Technology Is Passing Me By

I hate to say it but it's true... I am officially old and technology is passing me by.  This is my first blog post and even working out how to set up the blog spot was traumatic.

I have an (almost) nine year old. He's desperate for an X-Box, his friends all have them, I don't particularly want him to have one but he doesn't know he is getting one for his birthday.   One of the reasons I was/am against it is because of the whole being able to go on-line and play against other people.  It's not just playing, it's wearing a headset and chatting to them.  How can I be sure of who he is speaking to and how can I keep him safe?

He has previous; you see.  He was addicted to Minecraft, the computer "lego" type game.  I allowed him to play a MPRPG - multi player role play game (see I can be down with the kids!).  He. Gave. Out. Our. Address!! Thankfully I saw, pulled the plug on the pc, whipped him off of it (permanently) and no-one has ever turned up on our doorstep.  I then attended a internet security meeting at his school.  They say one of the worst things you can do is step back and say "I don't understand the technology these days".  

I'm lost but I am making the most effort to make sure I am behind him every step, keeping an eye on what he's doing, learning how to use what he is using and keeping my kids internet safe.

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