Friday, 25 July 2014

The Prompt: It's a Man's World

The Prompt: It's A Man's World 

I'm up around six
for a quick wash and caffeine fix
Feed the dog and into the garden for a wee
(That's the dog; not me!)
Make sandwiches for packed lunches
Adding snacks for the mid morning munchies.

7am and I'm dropping kids at Nans,
Uniforms, packed lunches, book bags,
I don't have enough hands!
Brisk walk, bit of a jog and a skip,
Get to the train station for my morning trip.
25 minutes standing squashed in the heat
I'd beat anyone out the way for a seat.

Make it to work, usually a bit late

I'm meant to start at half past eight.
Log onto the computer to beaver away
instead check, twitter, facebook and play.
The day is haze of emails and spreadsheets,
Endless cups of tea with the odd birthday treats.
Back to the train station I go,
Follow the commuters, go with the flow.

At least I am collected at the other end
by Grandparents my children have driven round the bend.
They want us to go so they can have a rest,
and clear up my kids almighty mess.

Back at home, straight into the kitchen,
Four year old trying to get my attention.
All it is, she's trying to tell me,
Is what's she's done today at nursery.
Dinner eaten not without kids whingeing,
This is the start of my evening.

Get them into the bath thats too hot or too cold,
No wonder I'm starting to look so bloody old.
By now I just want them to go to bed,
So I can get that bedtime story read.
Give them a kiss and then a cuddle
Then I can log onto my Hudl.

Sit down in peace and check out blog posts, 
Catch up on TV I recorded a year ago, almost.
Do the washing, ironing and tidy the toys,
At least I'm doing it with no childrens noise.
Before I know it, it's 11pm and time for bed
Time to rest my weary head.

And where is MrM when this is all going on I hear you ask,
He's waiting for me to do the duvet dance!



  1. I think some men need to be left alone with their children for say, a month, maybe just long enough for them to come to the realisation that all the work that isn't just keeping one eye on the kids doesn't magically get done while they're at work or asleep!! And don't even talk to me about the duvet dance!! No flippin' way!! :-) #theprompt

  2. Brilliant poem, this sounds like the story of most of my married friends but I suppose at least you get to dance at the end ;)

  3. I absolutely love this poem, this is exactly what it's like! Thankfully my husband takes the kids fairly regularly, so although he doesn't quite manage to do everything I would, he has some idea of how manic our days are! The last line actually made me snort! Fabulous ;) Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  4. This is a fabulous poem!
    Well written and humorous.
    The last bit really made me chuckle!! x

  5. Fantastic Poem! you have just described the lives of 95% of working mothers and done it so eloquently, it's brilliant. I too had a giggle at the last line, I think men all over the world do that while the women are thinking 'you have got to be kidding!?" :-) #ThePrompt

  6. This is my life. MrM is very good with kids but the majority of the house stuff is left to me to do. Along with the technical stuff, and the finances!

  7. Ah yes, I recognise all of this :-) I do wonder sometimes if being a Dad means quite the same as being a Mum, and don't get me started on the dance!!