Monday, 28 July 2014

Pick A Positive

So I'm joining in this link with adventuresofanunpreparedmother this week.  I found it via my real life friend MrsT who usually runs it on her fabulous blog lifeonplanett. But she's having a bit of a rest, what with it being summer holidays and wotnot.

I would normally say I was fairly positive type person but it's kind of left me a bit at the moment. MrM was recently made redundant and his demeanour is bringing down the house.  I'm flailing around looking for positives so this link has come at a good time to focus me.

My positives for this week are:  My boss is away for two weeks, but as we go away when he returns I wont see him for a month.  It's not that I don't like my boss, but no boss for a month is always a bonus!

I'm off out Thursday night to go and see Boyzone.  I 'm quite excited. Never been a huge, huge fan but a night out with great friends is always welcome.

I have a new mobile phone and I am loving playing! 

What's your positives for this week?  Join in and get happy :)


  1. EEK I actually just squeee'd out loud when I read this, Boyzone BOYZONE! Have a wonderful time with your friends and your phone - so sorry to hear about your hubby, we've been through similar so I appreciate how stressful it can be, thank you for sharing :)

  2. I do like Ronan Keating and it's Epsom Downs so we get to have a few bets on the gee gee's too!