Monday, 7 July 2014

The Girl Who Said "I Don't Feel Very Well"

My four year old is rather partial to a bit of medicine and a trip to the Doctors. She often says "I have a poorly tummy" "I have a headache" "Oooh my back's killing me" (a bit of Nana's influence there I think).   A few weeks ago, MrM was hospitalised in the middle of the night with what turned out to be severe food poisoning. He was in hospital for four days, we went to visit and four year old rather enjoyed cBeebies on the pay per view bed television.

The past couple of weeks the tummy ache complaints have increased, the request for medicine has increased too. These complaints always happen either first thing in the morning or at bed time. 

Friday night bedtime, four year old again complained of tummy ache and headache. She's duly packed off to bed.  Until 2.30am.. she comes into my bedroom crying.  She may hold the World Record for whingeing but she rarely cries at night. I hear the gurgle and shout out "she's going to be sick". I have rarely seen MrM move so quick. Lights are on and he's out the bed like Usain Bolt and got her into the bathroom.  I set about her bedroom carpet and keep destructive dog away from trying to get to a midnight snack and thinking we're all up to play.

The nine year old is woken up and now out of his bedroom moaning so we decide we need to play musical beds if any of us are to get any sleep.  Four year old is in with me, nine year old is folded into four year olds toddler bed and MrM into nine year olds single.  

MrM and nine year old manage quite a decent night's sleep they tell me. No such luck for four year old and I. Every hour we are visiting the bathroom.  We even get a little routine going on, I sit on the floor, she sits on my lap holding my hand and I rub her back.  We remained this way for the most of Saturday. I noticed how dirty the bathroom floor is under the radiator and the tall standing medicine cupboard. I spotted a cobweb in the corner of the bathroom ceiling too. It's amazing what you see when you have time on your hands.

Apart from the vomiting and paleness of a ghost, I knew she really wasn't well when she didn't have a meltdown for Peppa Pig not being on the TV and let me watch the Wimbledon Ladies Single Final.  She finally requested Jake & The Neverland Pirates, then an episode of Topsy & Tim. 

Around 7pm it was like a switch was turned on, she smiled and announced "I feel better". Just in time for bed!

Sunday morning  the four year old was back on form, chatting, singing, dancing, whingeing and requesting repeats of Topsy & Tim.

All is well in the world and I must remember to clean the bathroom.

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  1. Yep, the gurgle, the Usain Bolt run to the bathroom, the zombified feeling of inadequate bathroom cleaning duties lol I can relate ;)