Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Dog Days Out: West Wittering Beach

I have vague memories and the odd photo of us at a beach. I seem to remember it could have been Clacton. I was small and it was hot and sunny.
Me, Dad & Brother, possibly Clacton Circa summer 1975
The only beaches my kids have been to is the ones we have visited abroad on holiday and Bognor Regis as my Aunty lives there.

Now we have the puppy I'm always looking out for somewhere we can take him as well.  He's an important member of our family and deserves days out too!  Someone suggested West Wittering beach. 

They're out there somewhere!
When we arrived, it was a bit chilly and a bit windy but the view was amazing. Huge sandy flats with a low tide.  We'd been in the loft and dug out the buckets and spades, the 5yo, 9yo, MrM and dog were straight off leaving me to fight the wind to get the blanket down and pinned in place with the picnic bag and various shoes.  The 5yo came back, bucket full of shells and soaked up to her bum.  I'd rather hopefully brought a pair of her shorts with me so with a lot of struggling I managed to peel the already tight leggings from her cold, wet legs and replace them.

My dog isn't a water fan. Odd I know. The slightest sniff of rain and he refuses to leave the house. After a long walk you'd think he'd want to dip his paws but not my little pup. However, he was happy to get his paws wet on the beach. He also kept trying to drink the salt water and made himself a little sick. Being the well prepared owner I am, I had remembered to bring his pop-up water bowl and fresh water. 

Sadly the chilly weather had got the better of us. There were lots of people flying kites and having a great time.

We wandered up towards the car park and the beach cafe. MrM and I had a well deserved hot drink and the kids both had huge ice-creams despite being almost blue from being cold and wet!

If you want to visit, it's close to Chichester Harbour, about an hour and twenty minutes drive from where we are on the London/Surrey border.  It's sandy and has year round dog friendly sections.  There's a huge car park which is £8 for a full day at high season weekends with plenty of room for picnics and barbecues.

As soon as summer finally decides to visit us we'll definitely be back.   

For more information about the beach you can click   here


  1. Come and visit us in Sand Bay/Weston .... We are dog and "sometimes" kid friendly, lol!

  2. I'd bring the dog but not inflict the horrors on anyone!

  3. They are only horrors because they are yours, I love other people's kids when I give them back. Lol. Seriously though, you're all welcome! Xx

  4. Thanks for the lovely offer! :)