Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Mis-Adventures Of A Silly Dog. 1.

We have a spaniel, he's dippy.  He's a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, droopy eared and doe eyed. Loving, sweet and silly.

Cavaliers in particular are knows for being fussy eaters or incredibly greedy.  Mine seems to be in the greedy group. At meal times he'll sit next to Mr.M because he knows who's the soft touch.  He once snaffled a steak off my plate when I got up from the table to get a drink and will  pinch food out of the 5 year old's hand if she wanders about with it. 

A few weeks ago he found and consumed a large Easter Egg my daughter had left by the dining table. He wasn't even on his own, I was upstairs.  He chewed through the box and ate the egg.  Chocolate is poisonous to dogs, In a panic I called the vets. Luckily I had the amount he ate and his weight. He was sick and shaky for a day or two.

Last week, I went on the school run and didn't take him with me. He's not allowed in the school grounds, I can't leave him in the car and don't want to leave him tied up at the railings.   I was out for and hour and a half. When we got home he'd eaten the contents of the bathroom bin.

For those with a weak or delicate constitution leave the story here.

The contents were not nice I'm afraid. It was mainly used tampons in nappy bags.  Again he started to be sick, this time at 3am in my bedroom.  First thing in the morning I called the vets. Apparently unused tampons are worse than used due to the absorbency. Who knew?  I took him in and he was given an anti-sickness injection and special food for dogs with poorly tummies.  The vet provided me with rubber gloves and asked me to keep my eye on his bowel movements, literally. 

So I have found myself in the garden, gloves on, phone at the ready to inspect and take pictures of the offending turds.  I could post a picture on here....

but I wont!

Just know this... it's not nice!

And so, after getting rid of all the baby gates a few years ago, I may have go and get another one.

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