Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Am I Wrong To Not Tell?

I've started this blog but I haven't told my husband.  The main reason being I know he would probably complain.  He would say "why do you want to write about our life and tell everyone our personal stuff?"    

When my four year old was a baby coming into toddler-ship, she was a handful.  I was back at work and struggling. I vented on Facebook, frequently.  This didn't go down too well with himself; it "hurt" his feelings that I felt so aggrieved with my own child.  He wasn't there dealing with a screaming one year old and a hyper five year old having just come in from a full day at work and started cooking a family meal.

He has previously accused me of going behind his back when I haven’t agreed with his decision over something and gone and done my own thing.  Not that he’s one to lay down the law over our lives but he is a great debater arguer and will verbally beat me into submission. It’s not just me, he’s pretty good at it with anyone and it can work brilliantly if you are after a bargain!

Funnily enough, his Mum has joined Facebook and it’s quickly become a family joke that she will reply to every post we put and private message us (then phone to check we got the message).  I need a space to occasionally vent and for me to write without fear of recrimination.
So with the wilfulness of a teenager; I have decided it’s just best not to tell him. I won’t post my blog on Facebook but you can find me on Twitter

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