Friday, 13 March 2015

She'll Go Far That One

The 5year old aka mini Kim Jong-un hasn't earned that name for nothing.

She will argue black is white, she is never wrong and although only in reception at school she knows more than me already. (Apparently).

She is highly competitive, and will try to be first, the best, the leader, numero uno.  All great qualities if you want to be a world leader or top athlete. What she isn’t; is bossy.  She watches quietly, you can see the cogs ticking as she thinks about how to turn a situation to her advantage.  If she thinks she can't win at something then she will point blank refuse to do it. Never play the memory game or snakes & ladders against her. She wins far more often than she loses and I'm not one to let a child win for the sake of it! She will make a great Machiavellian politician.

But what if your only competition is your family? Your older brother, parents and dog?  Seriously, she cannot even let the dog win in a game of tug!

She will bite off her nose to spite her face. To get her to do what you want in any way you have to use a bit of reverse psychology. “I prefer the red dress to the pink one; I really want the plain biscuit and not the chocolate one”.  She is going to suss this very soon!

Already at five she completely out classes her 9 year old brother in the sneaky stakes, she can manipulate him into probably doing anything for her.  He knows he is being used and apart from being frustrated, he is powerless to change anything. The only argument and tool he can use against her is that he was born first and she was second. That hits her where it hurts and can never be changed.

So now the challenge is on to channel that desire to be best into something positive. We are enrolling in gymnastics to start with and see how that goes.

I’ll not be surprised if she doesn’t become the next Beth Tweddle, Rebecca Adlington or Maggie Thatcher.

Move over J is on her way!

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