Thursday, 12 March 2015

My Dog, My Baby

We have a gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 

He's 19 months old and my kids will tell you I treat him better than them. Maybe I do, he smothers me with unconditional love, looks contrite when he's been naughty and doesn't answer back when he's sent to bed.

Recently I came home from work and although given my enthusiastic greeting, it was interspersed with cries of pain and whimpering. He could move but every step was agony.

Off we tripped to the vets , he was given an anti-inflammatory injection (queue more screaming) and tablets plus pain killers to take home.

After a few days it was apparent there was no improvement. He was banned from walks and only allowed in the garden, on the lead to stop him running around. Even stepping over the threshold from the garden had him screaming.  We were carrying him in his basket up and down stairs, not having crate trained as a puppy.

Back to the vets, stronger anti-inflammatory drugs and tramadol pain killers. It should have enough to knock him out but the pain must have been unbearable.

We arranged x-rays and it showed he had a condition called hip displaysia. The ball doesn't sit flush in the socket.  The vet referred us to the surgical vets featured in the Channel 4 series; The Supervet.  They confirmed the diagnoses but felt he was too young for surgery and if possible we should wait.  If he does need surgery, it could be a full hip replacement at a cost of £6,000. We are insured but have a two thousand pound limit. We would be looking at finding the other £4,000 ourselves.  

In my distressed state I said I would pay anything for him to be better but Mr.M didn't quite see it so clearly.  I said I would get a loan, use a credit card, do anything.  I was threatening divorce before my beloved puppy was written off. But what if we couldn't pay for it?  I couldn't give him away because he's not perfect.  

I spent a lot of my time crying, it did feel like one of my children was going through a horrible trauma.

Thankfully, over the weeks the puppy started to get better and we managed to wean him off the all the anti-inflammatories and pain killers.  We are back to trips to the park but if he runs too much he is sore and stiff for a couple of days. He's like a little old man.

One day he will need a full hip replacement but whilst I can keep him pain free and mainly medication free, I can save up my pennies for that day.

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