Monday, 2 March 2015

10 Embarrassing Mistakes & Life Lessons I've Learned

We all make mistakes, sometimes they are huge f**k ups, sometimes they are silly things and sometimes they are just downright embarrassing.  Often, they help us learn a life lesson.

Here's some of my mine:

1. If you are going to wear trousers two days in a row, check there aren't a pair of knickers bulging out the back of your leg like a terrible case of varicose veins or falling out the bottom of your trouser leg in the middle of a packed pub.

2. It is nigh on impossible for a girl to wee crouching down behind a bush.

3. If someone "thinks" you are pregnant in a queue or on public transport, don't be offended. Style it out and go to the front of the queue or take the seat offered.

4. If you have to gossip about someone you know on public transport, make sure one of their close family members isn't sitting behind you first.

5. Don't send that email moaning about someone... to them cc'd by mistake

6. Always carry a packet of tissues, a handful of snot is not a good winter accessory and they are often useful for the time a public toilet has no paper.

7. Never use butter to try and help you get a ring off your finger.

8. Climbing a tree doesn't mean you can get back down again.

9. Falling downstairs isn't a good look when you are wearing your period knickers. (yes you know the ones, the bigger, the older, the comfier the better)

10. Never believe a word your neighbours say after bumping in to them at the same hotel abroad in your swimming cossie.  They said they were going to Cornwall!


  1. I’ve definitely done some of those before - especially the email one!!