Friday, 27 November 2015


I'm not going to be entered for any "Mum of the Year" awards. I know that.

Being a Mum is just not quite what I expected.  We're thrown images of women with babes in arms, looking lovingly whilst they're being fed. Of happy children playing in the snow, not crying because they are so cold and the snowman whose only about 1 foot tall wont stand up.

I'm shown adverts on television of kids happily playing board games.  I'm assuming these kids are not siblings otherwise one would be crying the other storming off after launching the game board in the air.  In these adverts houses are immaculate.  Mine's like a bomb-site. I'm sure the six year old carries pocket grenades around. No room is safe.

The 10 year old has a bad attitude is uncooperative and negative. I've already posted about our homework hell.  I hate the homework and the weekends of pain. Except now it's stretched out all week as he gets homework Tuesday and Friday.

His attitude to homework is lazy, slapdash and hap-hazard. Chuck in a couple of tantrums, pen throwing and shouting at the 6 year old and you're beginning to get the picture.

When my day ends like this, you know it's a #MummyFail.

What's not been your best parenting hour?

Life with Baby Kicks


  1. It's hard to say what my worst parenting hour has been so I'll pick the latest one: this week I took a £5 note from BB's moneybox because I didn't have enough cash for the bus on the school run. I haven't replaced it yet either... #effitfriday

    1. sort of thing I'd do too! I bought Chocolate Oranges for Christmas. The 6yo asked me to open and I said no. Two days later she spotted the wrapper in the bin. I blamed Daddy.

  2. Ive just come across your blog whilst searching homework hells as my post today was about the dreaded H word! You are not alone.....and the other poster (crummy mummy) im always doing that....i have a list of IOUs for all 3 kids!

    1. hi Gemma, please share the link for your blog. I'd love to read it!