Monday, 16 November 2015

Doctor Who?

When I was a child, Doctor Who was in my opinion, one of the best shows on television.  I put Worzel Gummidge in that bracket too so you can see how high my childhood bar was set.

Tom Baker was the Doctor of my young years. He ran around wearing a big hat and a long scarf. He had K-9 the dog and a male and female companion.  I don't remember too much really. There were Daleks that I could never fathom why they were so scary when they couldn't navigate stairs (they couldn't fly in those days). And of course the Cyborgs.  My older brother would hide behind a cushion but I would sit and watch. This gave me bragging rights over being braver than he was.

When Doctor Who returned in my adult years, I didn't bother. I didn't watch the Christopher Ecclestone and Billie Piper years.  When he regenerated into David Tennant I started to watch again. Now I've watched David Tennant regenerate into Matt Smith and again into Peter Capaldi.  

It always takes time to get used to a new Doctor. It's a bit of a shift. I'm mourning the loss of the sonic screwdriver to a pair of sunglasses . I bet the toy manufacturers are mourning this loss too.  But, I also feel like I just don't "get it" any more.  It's too hard to understand. I find it harder and harder to follow the plots and I certainly don't think my 10yo would be able to either. He's jut hit an age when it's suitable for him but it's not a children's show any more. You need a degree to navigate the plots, sub-plots and story arcs.

So it is with a little sadness I think it's time to hang up my sonic screwdriver, wrap my scarf around my neck and set the Tardis free.

It's been good knowing you Doctor.

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