Thursday, 24 September 2015

School..The Best Days Of Your Life?

I loved school. I loved primary & secondary and never understand people who didn't. I was never blighted by bullies, was intelligent enough to wander through in top or middle sets and made a couple of life long friends. I often take a nostalgic stroll looking back and sigh with a smile at the best days of my life.

But now I have my own school aged children and being a parent is nothing but a battle of wills. Homework, reading, pen licenses, projects and the worst thing to happen to my children; codes.

Codes are a way for the school to instill fear into the children so they don't misbehave. You get a code 1 for small misdeeds such as talking in class. Five code ones in a week is an automatic code two and you miss golden time on a Friday to see either the Head teacher or the deputy head. Either of these will meet out the punishment, usually writinga paragraph explaining what you've done and why.

Earn six code two's and its report.

So far the 10yo has sailed through primary fairly easily. He's no angel, his ADHD diagnosis makes fiddling an Olympic past time and he has a tendency to talk. usually ten to the dozen and a fair amount of rubbish.

However, not a month into year 6 and my boy who would come out of school on an even keel is now miserable.  Next week is PGL.  He's uber excited. Not just because Mr.M is attending as parent helper but because his class teacher ISNT GOING!

I've told him to keep his head down, try to keep his "thoughts" to himself, not worry about the codes as I'm not and have reassured him this doesn't get sent onto his next stage of school.

But what really worries me us this. What if his teacher doesn't like him? I know as adults we're not meant to say things like we don't "like" someone's child and teachers are supposed to maintain a professional standard. But we've all known a teacher who disliked a child in their class. What if my child is that one?

Year 6 is a big year for kids. Stuff the SATS,  its when they become a big fish in a little pond. King of the playground and should be the best days of your life.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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