Friday, 17 July 2015

Where Does Time Go?

Where does time go?
Really; I'd like to know.
This time last year the youngest one
Had finished nursery,
It was over with. Done

Now the first year of school has come to an end,
She's been a duckling, a mini-beast and a best friend.
She's learnt to read 
With alarming speed
And writes her name on everything.

She sings and dances and makes up games,
Mastering a skipping rope is her next aim.
She stood up in assembly, tall and proud
and spoke a sentence clear and loud.

From that little girl; all quiet and shy,
she runs into class without even a goodbye.
And now her first year at school is over.
And time has flown by in a blur.
Her teacher is leaving for pastures new
What we would like to say is:

Thank You.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely Naomi - always find this year so emotional. Dylan starts Year 3 in September - where has that gone. And Rachel (and Daniel) start their final year at juniors . SCARY! Glad that she's enjoyed her first year at school xx