Thursday, 23 July 2015

What's In Your Search History?

Yesterday whilst using the internet to search for something random; I commented to MrM if anyone could see my search history what would it say about me? 

I thought I'd do a little experiment and look up the last 5 things on my search history and see what it's all about.

So this is my search history: - We are off on holiday soon and in my quest to keep my sanity and hand luggage weight down, I want to know if I can download stuff to 10 year old's iPad & 5year old's Galaxy Tab as we have SkyGo.

countries with double taxation agreements with the UK - This is a work thing. I work in finance and lots of countries withold a percentage of the payment but it can be reduced with certain forms. Sometimes filled out 5 times, double sided paper that must not have been looked at on a day that has a T in it.... 

The Tudor Room + Egham - A restaurant I want to take MrM to for his birthday. 

The Fat Duck -Heston Blumenthal's restaurant that we can't afford at £225 per head. 

Itchy Anus - This was for the 5yo.  Complaining of itching. Told her to go and wipe it with a wet wipe and I'll put vaseline on it. She apparently knows better and said vaseline doesn't work. I ended up giving her antihistamine! 

So that's mine. It could and has been weirder.

What's in your search history? Let's compare who's got the most strange! 

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