Thursday, 16 April 2015

Exhausting Easter Part 1

I work four days a week, my day off (from paid employment) is a Wednesday. Luckily because of Easter holidays falling on a Friday and Monday;  I book two days holiday and don't work for a whole week! This year I decided to actually "do stuff" with the kids. Yay them, Yay me!

I had it all planned, cinema, museums, trips to London, walking the dog, bike riding, making things... most of it happened. At some point.

We started with a trip to the cinema to see the latest kids film "Home". 
Home is a Dreamworks Studios animated film.  It's about a race of aliens; the Boov who are constantly looking for somewhere to live, being cowards and on the run from the Gorgs.  They find themselves on Earth.  Unfortunately "Oh" - the main character, causes one too few mishaps and finds himself on the run, alone. He meets a human girl called Tip and they help each other to find "family".  I love kids films and will be quite sad when my two are too grown up to want to come with Mummy. I felt  it was an "okay" film and say it's one to save for kids club cinema visit or a home rental.  It's just not Disney.

We went to World of Golf, Croydon.  When we got there we were greeted by a sign telling us we were about to embark on a Dragon Quest.  The 5 year old was disappointed, she wanted dinosaurs.  The 9 year old and I were disappointed as we didn't actually see any dragons anywhere! There were the usual fun holes with water features... just no dragons.  However, we mainly had fun although the 5 year old had a 10point penalty awarded and missed a go for clumping the nine year old with the golf club after he picked her ball up. I'm not sure that's ever happened at The Masters.

Good Friday was off to the Natural History Museum for the 5 year old to see her beloved dinosaurs.  Unfortunately our trip was cut short by the 9 year old having a funny turn and feeling ill.  After sitting him down with water, he looked decidedly pale. We practically ran round the dinosaur exhibition and left quickly.  Luckily the museums in London are free and we live close enough to be able to get on a train and go at a weekend if we want.

By Easter Sunday, both the children and Mr.M had fallen prey to stomach bugs and had to miss out on their Easter Eggs. I have been very restrained and they are still waiting to be eaten.

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