Friday, 5 September 2014

Electronic Holiday.

Every summer we try to get away to sunnier climes for a couple of weeks. This year we went to Malta. Since having the kids we have done "all inclusive" holidays. They make sense. Unlimited drink, more food than you can shake a stick at and the most important part, kids club.

It's a sad sign of the times that we also brought with us plenty of "eletricals".  Tablet computer, two portable dvd players, two Nintendo DS's, our android phones, iPods.  It might seem a lot but when you are back in your hotel room and need some down time it's great to be able to plug in and relax. Shamefully it keeps the kids quiet too.

This year we made a rule that no electricals (barring my kindle) came downstairs in the daytime. The day was for playing.  The four year old was fine, she was happy to play in the kids pool, go the beach and do some paintings with the kids club. The nine year old spent a lot of time moaning he was bored when his holiday friends weren't around. 

Amazingly we managed two weeks with minimum use although the nine year old was the happiest boy to get on his Xbox and chat to his friends when we got home. 

There us a happy medium with letting the kids have screen time and getting them moving. Its just finding it.

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